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Smart Herbs started off as a marketing agent in May 2007. Due to ever expanding demand, Smart Herbs  embarked on its own manufacturing operations in December 2007 by creating Smart Herbs Manufacturing (NS0034545-V).

In the good response from distributors and users of Smart Herbs products, the Smart Herbs Sdn Bhd (802450 A) has been established with the specific purpose it is to move in the field of Multi Level Marketing. Smart Herbs Sdn Bhd is now in order to intensify the development of the company to become an MLM company that is competitive not only in Malaysia but internationally.

Smart Herbs provides a simple marketing plan in which there is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of new members to be introduced by any member. Smart Herbs Membership is for life se age. Each bonus calculations do not use PV or BV, but is calculated directly from the sales price. This makes it easier for members to understand the marketing plan and avoid any confusion.

Lower sales target of RM 44.00 per month allows members to remain active without any pressure. Those who fail to maintain a monthly sales target will not receive bonuses or Bonus Promotion Network but will not lose their membership status. The bonuses will be paid back if a member is returned to maintain a monthly sales performance.